Ditton Minors Football Club

Ditton Minors FC - U13 Match Report

Match Details

Date 20 Nov 2016 10:30
Fixture Ditton Minors FC U13 v Ditton Minors U12R
Venue The Mallings School
Competition Maidstone Invicta Primary League - Cup
Score 9-0
Man of the Match Alfie Barnes
Goalscorers Riwaaj Gurung (3), Cameron Bath (3), Owen Green (2), Rhys Wenborn (1)

Match Report


On Sunday 20th November 2016 Ditton Minors were away in the next round of the Ladybird cup playing unfortunately the other Ditton side in our age group, Ditton Rangers. Well both sides turned up ready for a competitive game in a very pleasant environment with both sides putting up goals and preparing the pitch together.

Due to our goalkeeper not available it fell to James Manser to step into this role and one that he is very competent in. We also had another missing player, Archie Moore who unfortunately for the near future and under medical direction is sidelined. Get well soon Archie from all of us.

Apart from these absent players we had a full squad. William Pounder did the team a favour by dropping into the left back position to cover the missing Arch and coped very well using his thought process well deciding when he could push up and when to hold. This was also a position covered by Cameron Bath later in the game who also looked at home.

Ditton Rangers played with a desire and drive that made them a challenging side and the score does not reflect the motivation that they had.

The first half brought about four goals for Ditton Minors

First goal - Qwen Green one on one with the keeper and into the net.

Second goal - Riwaaj Gurung (RJ) Through the defence one on one with the keeper and placed in the net

Third goal - Cameron Bath right wing to bye line round 2 defenders pull back shot across goal in to far net

Fourth goal - Riwaaj Gurung (RJ) Penalty

Second half allowed the team to be changed around with pushing Marcus Stone, James Manser into defence, William Pounder into goal. This meant that Josh Davison was right wing and the captain and centre back Rhys Wenborn became the centre forward.

Fifth goal - Corner from the right wing to a running in Rhys Wenborn who climbed above Luke Kingsford to header the ball into the net.

Sixth goal - Cameron Bath through on goal and struck it sweetly into the far left top corner of the goal

Seventh goal - Riwaaj Gurung (RJ) from the left back position ran with the ball up the wing and into the oppositions box where he dribbled round two players and round the keeper.

Eighth goal - Owen Green beat the defence and was one on one with the keeper. A lovely sweet shot buried in the back of the net.

Ninth goal - Cameron Bath which came from a rifled shot with so much pace that it would be difficult for anyone to stop.

Both Luke Kingsford and Brandon Hewitt were dangerous from both wings feeding the play and Brandon continued this from inside the middle of the pitch for part of the.

This score and display cannot take away the commit from Ditton Rangers who were unlucky on this day.

With so many scorers Man of the Match could have been difficult but it was a player who was given lots of tasks and positions throughout the match. This player was Alfie Barnes. He was disciplined to carry out the task that he was given and yet still showed a hunger and desire to score. Unfortunately on this occasion he did not get on the score sheet but was a fundamental element of the team success.

Well done to Cameron and Riwaaj on their hat tricks. Owen two good goals and Rhys one to remember. However it takes a team to get you all in that position to try and score so well done to all of you.

Publisher Dave Butterworth
Published 20 Nov 2016 14:30