Ditton Minors Football Club

Ditton Minors FC - U8Y Match Report

Match Details

Date 30 Sep 2017 09:30
Fixture Bearsted v Ditton Minors FC U8Y
Venue Bearsted
Competition Maidstone Invicta Primary League
Score X - X (Non-Competitive)
Man of the Match Arthur
Goalscorers X-X

Match Report


Our game on 30 September was away at Bearsted and proved to be a game of mixed fortunes for both teams which saw plenty of goals, competitive play in a friendly and great spirited atmosphere. 


Ditton started with Arthur in goal, Ollie and Joe G in defence and Theo and Eddie up front.  Some great attacking play from Bearsted quickly after the start saw an awesome fast reaction save from Arthur.  Ditton then had some great attacking play, and a strong forward run from Eddie was rewarded with a goal for Ditton.  Alas, we took our eye off the game and some poor defending and simple errors saw strong attacking play from Bearsted, which opened up the Ditton defence, and Bearsted scored with a great finish.  Bearsted continued to attack the Ditton goal and again some fine strong saves from Arthur kept the score level...for a little while at least.  Continued attacking pressure from Bearsted soon though resulted in another couple of goals for the home team.  


The second period of play saw Max and Alfie join in defence and Joe T and Evan take the attacking roles.  Unfortunately Ditton played at far from the best and some great attacks from Bearsted saw them add another to the goal tally.  Ditton soon got one back though with a wonder goal from Max from inside the Ditton half which flew over all the players and caught the Beasted goalkeeper by surprise and bounced into the net.  Ditton continued to play hard but gave the Bearsted players too much space and time on the ball and too often went after the same ball.  Bearsted were rewarded with another goal in this period. 


Despite being several goals down Ditton did not give up.  In the third period of play it seemed things started to click.  Ollie and Joe G were back on, as were Joe T and Eddie.  Bearstead scored another couple of goals but Ditton didn't give up.  The reward was goals for Eddie - with a great finish from distance, and Joe – who turned and finished cleanly off a corner.  An unfortunate own goal by Bearsted also helped the scoreline. 


The final period of play was close for both teams – with great attacking and defence from both – with the game going from end to end.  Joe G took a spell in goal for Ditton and performed really well, making some great saves and adapting to being the goal keeper very well.  Some strong forward runs by Theo were eventually rewarded with a goal.  It remained close in this final period, with the final score only having a couple of goals between the teams.  A well fought game which was a close loss for Ditton with some moments of great play from a number of players.     


Arthur demonstrated such commitment and strength in goal and was this week's well deserved man of the match. 

Publisher Carol Thompson
Published 03 Oct 2017 15:07