Ditton Minors Football Club

Ditton Minors FC - U8Y Match Report

Match Details

Date 07 Oct 2017 09:30
Fixture Ditton Minors FC U8Y v Coxheath & Farleigh
Venue Ditton Old Rec Ground
Competition Maidstone Invicta Primary League
Score X - X (Non-Competitive)
Man of the Match Theodore
Goalscorers X-X

Match Report


Our fourth game of the season was at home and was a very close game against Coxheath & Farleigh. 


Unfortunately we were without our normal goalkeeper (or our ad-hoc number two keeper!) so at short notice Ollie stepped up to play in goal, not his usual playing position!  As we were down two players in total it also meant that the other boys had to play for longer stretches than normal, or play in positions they don't normally play in, and they all stepped up to the task very well.


Starting with Ollie in goal, Max and Joe G in defence and Theo and Eddie as strikers we played the first few minutes of close tense exchanges between the two teams.  Ollie quickly showed his keeper skills as Coxheath attacked the Ditton goal.  Ditton then went on the counter attack and some great battling runs from Theo were soon rewarded with a goal.  A great start for Ditton was alas soon levelled off with a great period of play for Coxheath and a strong attack which saw them draw level.  Ditton found themselves on the back foot with some defensive errors and allowing too much space for the opposition players saw Coxheath grab another goal. 


The second period of play saw Alfie come on in place of Joe G in defence and Evan join Eddie up front, in place of Theo.  Caught on the ball out on the left wing Ditton lost possession in a vulnerable area and Coxheath grabbed another goal.  Max then got one back for Ditton scoring a Beckham-esque long range lofted shot from deep inside the Ditton half which sailed over all the players and then bounced into goal.  His second such goal in as many weeks!  Alas, Ditton were caught on the ball again, and Coxheath scored another goal to maintain their lead. 


We then saw Alfie and Joe G take up the defensive positions, with Theo and Evan up front.  This was a very close period of play which saw a goal for Coxheath off an intercepted goal kick that was quickly run back into goal.  Unlucky for Ditton.  Theo continued to play very strongly in his attacking role – constantly looking for the ball, pushing forward when he had it, and chasing back when he didn't. 


The final period of play saw Max and Joe G in defence, and Evan and Eddie up front.  The attacking play from both teams came back.  Some great runs by Ditton saw Max score.  A throw in deep in the Coxheath half saw a scrambled goal line clearance which was quickly fired back into the box and a deflection saw the ball in the back of the Coxheath net. The scores were close and Ditton continued to push for the equaliser or winner.  Some unlucky play saw Coxheath widen the gap again.  At almost the final point of the game some great follow up by Eddie to chase down the ball saw the Coxheath keepers clearance bounce off Eddie and into the goal.  Not the winning goal but a great demonstration of never giving up!  


A close game and an unfortunate loss.  For his never give up attitude and great attacking play Theo was this week's man of the match. 

Publisher Carol Thompson
Published 10 Oct 2017 08:01