Ditton Minors Football Club

Ditton Minors FC - U8Y Match Report

Match Details

Date 18 Dec 2017 10:30
Fixture Leybourne v Ditton Minors FC U8Y
Venue Leybourne
Competition Maidstone Invicta Primary League
Score X - X (Non-Competitive)
Man of the Match Alfie
Goalscorers X-X

Match Report


Our final game of the 2017 saw a spirited away match against Leybourne Boys FC.  Again we were lucky with the weather and despite and cold and frosty start it was a lovely sunny day!  


Starting with Arthur in goal, Ollie and Joe G in defence and Theo and Evan as strikers Ditton had a steady but cautious start - perhaps not feeling fully warmed up.  These first 10 minutes were to prove a close period of play.  On a couple of occasions the Ditton team were slow in following up on the ball when the opposition team were attacking.  We soon got some good attacking play and a strong run through the middle from Joe G saw Leybourne’s keeper save his shot well.  Another chance to take an early lead was seized on when a Ditton corner saw Leybourne defend well.  Leybourne then scored an unlikely goal off one of their goal kicks - a strong kick from their keeper saw the ball take the slightest of touches off one of their own players deep in the Ditton half.  This wrong-footed Arthur in goal who had little chance of keeping the ball out.  Despite this set back Ditton continued to put pressure on the Leybourne goal and Arthur continued to make some great saves to keep Ditton in the game.  


The second period of play saw Max and Alfie in defence, with Evan and Eddie as strikers.  Again a great save from Arthur kept a Leybourne attack at bay.  A Ditton corner saw Alfie take a clever wide corner to Max on the edge of the Leybourne box but alas he was unable to get the shot away before being quickly closed down by the Leybourne defence.  Leybourne had some strong periods of play and on a couple of occasions they passed well and attacked hard.  Ditton then went on the attack and a great finish from Eddie saw us draw level.  Ditton then had another period of strong attacking play - Eddie passing the ball wide and Alfie’s shot looping just over the cross bar. 


The third period was our strongest part of the day.  A great finish from Evan saw him score a well deserved goal.  Buoyed by this we continued to pressure the Leybourne half and Eddie saw a shot from wide on the right go in to the side netting.  Ditton continued to push forward well and had some positive passes between them to see Eddie grab another goal and Ditton take a well deserved lead in the game.  We had some other chances to score, with one off the post and Evan send another great effort just wide of the Leybourne goal.  The match remained close and Leybourne continued to attack hard and play well.  


Alas, in the final period the hard work from the previous 10 minutes was undone.  Some cold and tired legs saw Leybourne attack hard and try as well as Ditton did to protect the lead, and also attack the Leybourne goal, we found ourselves caught out a couple of times as Leybourne grabbed goals and the lead back.  Again, we saw Ditton attacks thwarted by either a great Leybourne defence or the woodwork.  


Whilst this last game for the year was a loss it was a good, strong close game.  The positive third period of play was great to see and the boys all continue to love playing football, irrespective of the the result.  Despite a slow start Alfie soon got into the game a demonstrated a great balance of attacking and defensive play and was man of the match.  


They can now enjoy a couple of weeks off until we start games again in the New Year.  Happy Christmas!

Publisher Carol Thompson
Published 06 Jan 2018 20:36