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Date 01 Jan 2017 00:00
Title Welcome to the new Ditton Minors FC Website!
Story Hi All,
Welcome to the new Ditton Minors FC website, which has been designed, built and donated by Thompson Digital Services.

Visual Appearance Improvements

The new website gives us a greater focus on visual appearance by:
  • Increased number of images on the homepage, which now shows the team photos, sponsor logos and a selection of featured photos from our gallery
  • More usable gallery, this allows you to see images grouped by an Album, but gives you a preview of the pictures and allows you to click an image to bring it up at the top, or use the move buttons

Communications Updates

The previous communication method involved a parent having one contact only, which also meant some people received our emails multiple times. However, we have made the following improvements to the way this works:
  • Players can now have unlimited contacts
  • Contacts will receive all emails associated to that player

Sponsor Improvements

On top of all of that, we have made a series of changes to how our sponsors are represented throughout the site. Our sponsors play a key part in our football, and without them, we wouldn't be able to provide half of the functions that we currently do. Our sponsors are now represented on the following pages:
  • The homepage - as part of the sponsor sliding image
  • The team details page
  • Match reports - if you sponsor a team, your logo appears on each match report that is published
  • The sponsors page - as part of an overview of all of our club sponsors
  • All of this is on top of the presence that you get as part of the teams kit
If you would like to sponsor a team, or the club, please contact our Web & Press Officer, Mark Thompson.

Team Improvements

We have also made a lot of improvements to the way we display information about the various teams. Below is an overview of what's changed:
  • The navigation menu now is in a "locked" position when you click it, allowing you to easily select your team, without the fear of the dropdown disappearing
  • Clearer definition of the details available on these pages
  • We have now included a squad list, which is based off of the white forms which are filled out at the start of the season.

Events Improvements

Our events are a great way to meet other members of our football community and to catch up with others! We felt that we was missing something with the way events were previously advertised, and have made the following changes to the way these now work:
  • All club events are now shown on the Calendar. On top of this, upcoming matches for the next 2 months are shown on the right hand side of the calendar screen.
    Please do not rely on this information as there may be a delay in upload, for full details of your upcoming fixtures, please check on the FA Full-Time website
  • From the calendar, some events may have more information available, you can use the button to get a description of the event, as well as see an associated flyer (if applicable)

News Improvements

Our previous news page was a bullet point list of news articles in desperate need of some attention, but it wasn't our top priority. This has all changed, and we now have a cleaner page for you to use, which has the following changes:
  • Current season news is now displayed in a similar format to the rest of the website.
  • Previous season news is now archived, but still accessible via a big red button at the bottom, which will display a table of all previous articles

Tournament Improvements

This was a new aspect to the website, and we believe it has great potential! The following additions have been made to the site:
  • Information about all our tournaments is accesible via one page, a Tournaments page
  • Our preferred method of entry is now via our Online Forms which are also available on the tournaments page.
  • Information about sponsoring our tournament programme is available on this page, with Half Page adverts at £50 and Full Page adverts at £100
  • Directions are now available and are integrated with Google Maps

Technical Improvements

As part of this migration, lots of attention was paid to the technical improvements of our site and we have made the following changes:
  • We are now hosted by Thompson Digital Services, which means that our website is hosted in the United Kingdom, as opposed to previously, where it was hosted in the US
  • We are installing a 256-bit SSL certificate which will encrypt all data on the website, making us all safer! (i.e. we will be using a HTTPS link)
  • We are running on the latest HTML5, PHP7 and CSS3 code, which effectively gives us enhanced speed as we are using built in functions
  • A lot of other changes were made as part of this migration, if you would like to understand technically a bit more information, please contact Mark Thompson, or the Thompson Digital Services Support Team

There are many additions to this website in the pipeline which will increase it's usage, and we are confident you will support us in our digital move.

Ditton Minors FC Committee
Author The Committee