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Date 27 Apr 2017 23:00
Title Thank You Kay!
Story Thank you Kay!

Ditton Minors FC would like to take this opportunity of thanking Kay Dennison for her enormous contribution to the club.


At the end of 2016 Kay decided to step down from the club, and hand over the role as club treasurer.


Kay was the longest serving currently at the club, and it is going to be a very difficult job coping without her invaluable knowledge, commitment, and dedication she brought to both her role and to the club.


There is a much deserved rest earned by Kay following approximately 16 years service to the football club, and we can’t thank her enough for all she has done over those years.


Kay first became involved with the club when her husband started a team for their son, who was about 6 at the time. This was in 2001, and back then the football club was struggling with only 4 teams. With Kay’s help, her son’s team ran all the way through to under 18’s, with Kay being the focal point of the admin and financial requirements of the side, also assisting on match days and making sure everything was organised and that anything needed was arranged.


This would prove beneficial for Kay and the club, when in 2008 Kay stepped forward when the club were in need of a new treasurer. The most important role for the club would be in safe hands as Kay tirelessly fulfilled the needs and beyond of this role for the next 9 years, dedicating enormous amounts of time and effort into every aspect needed. It will only become apparent in the coming months how much the club relied on the excellent work of Kay in helping to ensure the club ran on a sound footing.


In Kay’s time with the club, she has helped it grow from the struggles when she first started, to a flourishing success it is now with over 20 teams in the club. She has overseen the financial growth the club has achieved in recent times, making sure the accounts were all in order and spending hours of her own time volunteering in doing so.


Kay was instrumental in helping her son’s team participate in numerous and varied activities and events away from the football pitch also, creating lifelong memories for her son and his teammates. At the same time, Kay was a fundamental part of the committee in her role as treasurer and helped deal with all club related matters. She helped with club events, such as the annual presentation night, and was instrumental in running the club’s annual tournament. After a few years gap of not being able to host a tournament, it was moved to June and has blossomed since thanks to Kay’s exquisite attention to detail and extraordinary organisational excellence.


There are few people in the clubs history that have contributed to its achievements and successes more so than Kay Dennison, and the football club are enormously indebted to her for the amount of time, care, pride, and effort she has given over those 16 years.


The club would like to show their appreciation to Kay by thanking her greatly for everything, and wishing her all the very best and massive enjoyment in having that well earnt break. Kay will be missed by all, but everyone from the players to parents, managers and coaches to the committee really cannot express their enormous gratitude enough. THANK YOU KAY!

Author Mark Thompson